Why we are

At Hado Consultech, we provide web development and maintenance services, delivering quality returns at economical prices. To this huge world and vast network, we serve as the link that connects. Our client base is well established both in and outside India, and our aim is to annex our network further in the coming years. We have a selected team of experts from around the country that are focused on providing all our clients with customized and lucrative solutions. Our highly experienced personnel consults and assists with our clients and works together to provide innovative, creative, customized and revolutionary solutions.

Our Services

We offer customized digital services and scalable operational strategies to prepare your Organization ride through the waves of uncertainty in the form of disruptive technology and government regulations so you can deliver accelerated and cost-effective services for your consumers.

Web Design And Development

Websites make it easy for any business to reach out to its target audience.It acts as a mediator between the buyer and the seller providing all the necessary information.Our team of experts works on designing your website for you. We use our digital transformation techniques to increase the potential of your business.

Web Maintenance

With technological revolution changing face so fast, a website that seems optimum today might be loaded with errors and technical difficulties tomorrow. For the same reason, you need to supervise your website regularly and check for any errors or mistakes .

Mobile App Development

Our team of skilful developers works towards creating innovative and specialized mobile apps. We focus on an enhanced and improved user interface and user experience. Mobile apps can be extremely generic or customized. We focus on creating apps based on the industry and the target audience.

Digital Marketing

We provide digital marketing solutions, campaign ideas and strategies as per your business. We help you get discovered online. Our digital marketing services also include Search engine optimization, Google Pay per click and Social Media

Branding & Promotions

Logo is a personalized branding technique, so you got to be right about it. We conduct thorough research, strategies provide you with a satisfactory logo design. We work and rework on ideas, create logos based on your business, your personality and your vision.

Product Development

We are providing the products and services to the customers from their point of view.

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Design Your Website

‘Webize’ you dream business today!
Your website should speak the language of your business. We focus on designing an enhanced interface and website optimization

Our Themes

Digital Marketing

So much work on your website but no traffic yet?
Once you have transformed your business, marketing comes next. What makes your website work and business grow is the traffic. A simple yet crucial way of driving traffic towards your website is digital marketing


Mobile App Design

Why do you need a Mobile app?
Mobile apps gather the most traffic these days and hence have proven to be one of the best ways to retain customers and business growth.

Theme Options

We are providing the various theme options according to customer satisfaction


The customers can customize the properties as per their wish


Powerful Code

We have skillfully developers to design your product or application with the set of coding tools and powerful time saving programming features


Documentation processes will help the customers to understand the process flow quickly and efficiently


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No 71, 3rd floor, Appar Street,
Thiruvalleswarar Nagar,
Anna Nagar West,
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Mobile : +91 9150267191
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