About Us

Hado Consultech offers a comprehensive and wide range of IT services that include Web Design and Development, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing, E-commerce management, and Local Business Listing, etc. We provide all modes of internet marketing services to promote your business across the globe. We excel in every aspect of internet marketing and we help you in designing result based marketing plans for all your business needs. Our professional internet marketing experts are dedicated to prioritizing your business and we ensure an increase in sales and constant generation of revenue by your company. Get unlimited internet traffic, gain more leads to your business and increase your customer base with the top solutions from Hado Consultech.

Founder and Managing Director Mr. Deepak Radhakrishnan is a Bachelor of Commerce. Formerly he was an Articles Associate in Charted Accountancy Firm and an employee of a private company. Mr. Deepak Radhakrishnan is having more than a decade of experience in leading the business starting from the age of thirteen. With all his experience and his strong vision, he transformed himself as an energetic and vibrant businessman in a very short period of time by establishing Hado Consultech Private Limited Company. Hado Consultech Private Limited was started during March 2018 with Mrs.Sarala Radhakrishnan, as one of the Board of Directors. With the employee of only three members, Mr. Deepak Radhakrishnan led his company in a progressive path and now fifteen employees were actively working for a company.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to build the user-focused platform for all your business and marketing needs.
  • To provide a universal marketing solution to drive a new era of business and providing a market place for everyone in the country to extend their business.
  • To earn users trust, friendship and loyalty by offering excellent services.

Our Mission

  • To provide internet marketing solution to consumers starting from small scale business to well-established companies and agencies to build their business.
  • To become a leading internet marketing company providing services to millions of businesses all over the country.
  • To encourage and support all kind of business communities and consumers to extend their market.
  • Our mission is to serve marketing solutions to all kind of business and to transform every small scale enterprises into a large scale industry.

Why choose Hado?

We care!
Since our establishment in 2018, we have been focused on becoming a company that has any and all satisfactory services for our clients. We have invested in creating and forming assets that are best of the ilk. We attune IT solutions that are both incorporated with the best of technological trends and allied in the best interests of our clients. With our determined and innovative team we have become one of the leading companies in the IT sector.


Value for money:
Years ago, the technology like today was only a distant dream and thus an exorbitant one. Availing a tech consulting service or even deciding to take up one seemed to cause some huge holes in your pockets. As the revolution expanded its reach, it also relaxed its burden on the user. Hado Consultech is a company that offers customized digital services and scalable operational strategies that will steer your Organization into a new, progressive direction. These services are especially designed keeping in mind the budgets of all organizations. So you can be a start up, a small scale business, a huge enterprise or a one-man run business, we take into account every little detail to design a package according to what is necessary for your web development program and how it best befits your pocket. Pay your full money only when the work is done!

Our Unique approach:
For every complex web solution, we have a simple yet a strategically implemented approach. Our work process and its implementation are designed keeping in mind various aspects, which include:

  • Result-Oriented:
    All web developments planned keeping in mind the results we want to achieve through them. We assist strategies and design the project in a way that guarantees desired results.
  • Personal touch:
    One of the most effective and lucrative elements of our approach is that we focus on giving personalized results. We don’t only aim to make clients, but we intend to make partners. Our partners are well involved with our teams and the interaction between the two remains till the project is successfully completed.
  • Quality:
    All approaches are ineffective if the main focus is not on the quality of the product. Our intention is to deliver a product that lasts.
  • Present-day basis:
    Any technology that is based on yesterday could turn out to be insufficient. What we focus on is regular research and development that help us create your desired product that is based on present day cutting edge technology.

Post-Launch Maintenance:
The work surely does start with partnering up with you and working on your desired product. The strategy is them implemented and the design is created based on what functions and specifications you want your product to have. Once the product is complete, we test it and supervise it for any errors or technical glitches. We help you launch your application. However, our work does not stop there. Any application or product designed today needs and upgradation tomorrow. There are a number of issues that may arise, but with our post-launch maintenance team we are determined to stay on top of that. Regular findings and progress reports are recorded and a thorough supervision of the product or application is maintained. Hado also provides post launch services including all forms of internet marketing. Having formed a strong goodwill in the market for the same, our group of experts are available any assistance you might need post-launch.

When you come to us with your dream, we take full responsibility of it. It is understood that as per our agreement, we will maintain explicit transparency about the progress of the assigned project. All information related to the partners and the project is highly confidential and accessible to only the ones who are a part of the agreement. All communications and information between the two parties will be well recorded and nicely preserved. The alliances, projects and the agreements thus formed will strictly follow the guidelines of the Indian Law and Information Technology Act, 2000.

Amplifying Results:
Why settle for an A, when you can be A+ Our research and development team continuously works in order to find better solutions and analysis that can help predict future patterns. You want your website to be productive and we intend to give you the product at its most productive stage. Our team of experts employs latest technology and designs your product based on current and future trends. This makes the infrastructure of the product much more reliable.

A team of experienced IT professionals:
One major question about any service that helps you make your decision is ‘‘who is providing it’’. At Hado Consultech we make sure that you get only the best. We have a team of highly trained and certified professionals who are passionate about their work. They help guide you at every step and aim to use their skills to directly influence the growth of your business. Our team works every project with a Lean approach, i.e., perceiving and planning each step according to the complete picture and understanding that the whole team is responsible for any and all of the project’s issues. We pride ourselves with having an esteem record of providing eminent customer experiences.

You don’t have to decide right now. All you have to do is get in touch with us, we will tie you up with one of our experts, introduce you to the team that will be working on your project. We will present you with recommendations and advice. You can then make the decision accordingly.


Located us

No 71, 3rd floor, Appar Street,
Thiruvalleswarar Nagar,
Anna Nagar West,
Chennai 600040.
Mobile : +91 9150267191
Email : service@hado.co.in